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March 1, 2008


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Posted on Apr 13, 2006 at 12:01 PM

What!! am I going to talk about some kangaroo familiy species. No it the latest buzz in the search market. The company ‘Webarroo’ recently launched its search product by the name ‘Webaroo’ only . It doesn’t provide you the regular online search but you can search any thing while you are disconnected from the internet. Hmm is there some magic. Webaroo defines a concept called webpacks. So when you are connected with the internet you can download the webpack of your interest like ‘World News’, ‘Mumbai’ etc. Now next time when you connect to net you can sync up these webpack with the webaroo server (manually or automatically). But remember initially you need to download a large file (~250MB).
Well I don’t think it sounds much attractive except for the people who travel a lot. But this idea clearly excites that people are thinking about new and innovative modes of search as I mentioned in my last article as well. The product is still in beta phase so you can’t find much webpacks. I haven’t tried the product (I downloaded the client but looking at the webpack download size I kept it aside). Let’s see what is next search.


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