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March 1, 2008

Here comes Gr@vee

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Posted on Apr 13, 2006 at 4:17 AM

Gr@vee is not a new kid on the search block but I noticed this today itself while browsing some URLs. The kid was borned on 19th Dec 2005,see this. Huh so what’s so new with it. Well there have been a great crowed of search engines from google, msn, yahoo, amazon to metasearch engines like copernic, jx2 etc. What it does it, combines the result from many prominent search engines and then it applies its own algorithm( called as tag relevent alogrithm)to further refine the result.
Let’s first understand what do we mean by tag relevent alogrithm. What graveed does it, it allows you to create your bookmarks and tag them just like popular bookmark service del.icio.us. Now search result received from the engines are filtered applying alogorithm which gets results based on search keyword used as tags.A user can also vote for useful tag.Ofcourse there is a revenue generating ad program also called AdShare (sounds similar to adsense). Gravee says about its adshare program.
Search advertising is an $8+ billion industry, which is effectively built on the backs of the content owners. The Gravee.com AdShare program fundamentally changes the economic model for search. Instead of just our search engine enjoying all the profit from advertising (which, incidentally, is made possible by the existence of natural search results in the first place), Gravee.com shares keyword advertising revenue with 1) natural search results that appeared on the same page and 2) affiliates who drive any search traffic that is monetized.We view ourselves as much as a distributor of content as we do a search engine. Search advertising is content driven. It’s an economy of attention – i.e. one could posit that the content showing up most frequently in search results is driving the most ad revenue. As a result, our economic model is so, as well – meaning, whatever content gets more attention (i.e. shows up in more searches) will get paid more.
Gravee is also about shifting the power from content “distributors” (read: search engines) to “authors” (read: content owners).
(to read more please see Gr@vee Blog.

To me idea appeals very much and till now I am convinced with search results too however results are a bit slow which are likely to be. FYI Recently they have added blog search as well.All the very best Gr@vee


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