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March 1, 2008

Romance with Google

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Now google is getting romantic.surprised!! Yeah that’s true..Google added a new feather to its cap called Google Romance(For more information see Press Release . Younger guys or rather I should say single guys must be very happy after this. Google can now find out your soulmate infact can ‘search’ best fit for. I don’t know what lead to romance because Orkut is already there to spread love though principle interest might not be so but this is the way it is being used by ‘singles’.May be google is trying to generate more revenue by its contextual ads with reference to ‘young emotions’ because I don’t think any kind of ad program is associated with orkut


Google Calender (Just moved my old blog in here)

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Today google launched new service called Google calendar. Like all its services this service is also quite rich and user friendly.
so Apart from search, to an individual, google offers Gmail (An email service), Gtalk (Messenger service),Google Page (Create your webpage),Google News(Read news), Blog(Your Weblog log), Orkut(Your social network) and now Google Calendar. Can you see come connectivity between the product. Google don’t want to let you go anywhere else for you most of the daily on net activities. And that’s perhaps is the long term plan of Google. Google’s product manager Carl Sjogereen says the new Google Calendar service fitted the company’s mission to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, since it would make it easier for users to organise and access their personal diary information from any computer. Gmail is the main integration point for now, but you can imagine integration with a number of other Google properties”. This is very clear from the integration of Gtalk with Gmail. Can you smell next big thing..Yes you are right it should be something like Google office. Sun Microsystems and Google has already agreed to promote OpenOffice Microsoft is also trying hard to give something like this and you can see the ambitious live projects.
To get started with calendar and complete feature set visit Go(oogle)Calendar

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